White Papers
Rethinking Business Intelligence (Operational Analytics)

As against traditional analytics (which does mass segmentation), Mooga takes the concept of analytics beyond data and reporting. It works on an N=1 level. The Operational Analytics framework allows for actionable insights in Real-time and Automated fashion.

Advanced Adaptive Technology

It is a powerful state-of-the-art recommendation, matching, discovery and personalization framework supporting many kinds of products, structured contents and generic transactions seamlessly and uniformly; based on social (collaborative) filtering, item (content and contextual) filtering, intelligent matching and on individual tastes. This framework works in real-time and is completely programmable, configurable, and customizable based on products, contents and required functionality.

AI based Matching Solution

Matching solution backed by AI techniques compares requirements (criteria) v/s products, services, or contents (like electronic gadgets, cars, resumes, customer profiles etc.) intelligently. It also matches products/content v/s products/contents to get products/contents etc. It helps to find out cluster having homogeneous (logically similar) products/contents/profiles based on input specification (or product/profile).

Approach to address BI

The traditional approaches are more reliant on data warehousing where as Mooga uses transactional databases.

iKen Studio

It is one of the first complete Online, Web-based, Integrated and Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Development Frameworks to develop and deploy applications in the areas of Decision Support Systems, Knowledge-based systems, Machine learning systems etc. Mooga is an extension of iKen studio for N=1 personalized experiences.